Securing Your Children’s Financial Security…Forever


As parents we want the best for our children. We want the best education, the best health, the best future. Setting your children up for wealth and security should be the top priority for all parents

One insurance company has a fantastic product for parents looking to provide wealth and protection for their children.

The idea is that you pay monthly premiums for the first 20 years and nothing more after that. The cash value and death benefit however grow indefinitely. Since insurance is cheaper the younger you are, the premiums are very affordable and only paid for 20 years. In year 20, when you have finished making payments, the insurance coverage remains in effect for the rest of the child’s life along with the following benefits:

  1. By starting early when most children are at the prime of their health, the child can be assured guaranteed life insurance for the rest of his or her life.
  2. The child will never have to pay a penny as the parents have paid it up in full throughout childhood.
  3. The death benefit continues to grow indefinitely.
  4. The cash value continues to grow indefinitely.
  5. The cash value after 20 years of premium payment far exceeds the total premium paid over that same period.

It’s like paying for car insurance for 20 years and then the insurance company saying “Here is all the money you paid. You can drive for free the rest of your life. If you get into a car accident, there is more coverage with every passing year. Oh…and here is some extra money to buy yourself a new car”.

So what can the child do with the policy?

The child can collapse the policy and take the cash value to put a down payment on a home, start a business, pay for university, etc. Or better yet, the child can use the policy as collateral and borrow against it to do the above. This way the life insurance death benefit stays intact.

If you want to offer protection, wealth creation with flexibility for your kid(s), this is a must have for all parents. The sooner you start in your child’s life, the cheaper the premiums and the greater the growth.


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